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Self-Defense Torch
Self-Defense Torch

Self-Defense Torch

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This is 800 Type Powerful Self-defence Flashlight, easy to carry, just touch the probes to any exposed part of an attacker’s body, pull the trigger, and watch him get right out of your body-space. A stun baton is suitable for joggers, security guards, and people who have to walk home late at night. Stun guns also built-in rechargeable battery and flashlight for your convenience.
This product integrates a built-in charger, press the button after the launch of charging, plug in the household 220V socket or battery can be. Turn off the main switch before charging.

Charging time of 6-8 hours of saturation, shock function can be sustained use of 3-4 hours, the use of lighting can last 6 hours or so.
Charging the host to rest for 5 minutes after saturation.
What’s in the box
1 x Self-Defense Flashlight
Charging Cable