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Heavy Furniture Moving Tool

Heavy Furniture Moving Tool

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The accumulation of dust is one of the factors that most affect our respiratory system and allergies in general. Heavy furniture often makes efficient cleaning difficult. Therefore, it is not only a product to make your daily life easier, but also an essential item to maintain good health for your entire family.

Low rolling resistance thanks to eight individually mounted rollers
Each Transport roller comes with a rotatable and anti-slip pad, as well as one draw hole equipped
Lever bar with great leverage for simple lifting of the transported goods
The low centre of gravity reduces the risk of tipping over when rolling
It is an EASY FURNITURE MOVING TOOL, which facilitates the mobility of your furniture, allowing you to easily push it while cleaning the house, to reach the most difficult and hidden regions.
It is a system with wheels and a lever, very easy to use, so you can move your furniture anytime, effortlessly and without relying on help.
It will help you when cleaning the house; in change; or when you get tired of the layout of your house and decide to change the placement of furniture and have that nice feeling of a brand-new house or new environment, without spending anything for it. Don't run the risk of scratching your expensive floor by dragging heavy furniture.
The rubber tip system and 360° swivel wheels will not damage your furniture, let alone your floor.
With all this, it preserves your floor, your furniture, your health and your good mood.
Good quality steel material and ABS plastic, non-slip handle, portable, practical.
Maximum Load 150 kg.
Do everything yourself, without depending on other people's help
Material: Iron & ABS
Maximum load: 150KG
Lifter Size: 360 x 55mm
Single Wheel Size: 105 x 80mm
Weight: 1.03kg
Package includes:
1 X Furniture Lifter
4 X Furniture Moving Wheels
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