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Heating Knee Pad

Heating Knee Pad

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Experience soothing comfort with adjustable heating levels. Whether you prefer gentle warmth or a more intense heat treatment, this knee pad adapts to your preferences. Worried about leaving it on for too long? Rest easy; the Heating Knee Pad features an auto-shutoff function, ensuring safety during your relaxation sessions.
Heat therapy not only eases pain but also enhances blood circulation, promoting faster recovery from knee injuries and strains. The Heating Knee Pad is designed with comfort in mind, made from soft and breathable materials that conform to your knee's shape, ensuring maximum comfort during wear.
This knee pad is versatile and portable, making it suitable for home use, the workplace, or even on the go. Individuals of all ages seeking relief from knee discomfort will appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of this heating solution.

- Relieve Knee Joint Pain, Stimulate Blood Circulation, Alleviate Muscle Soreness, Penetrate Therapy For Recovery
- Two Bifurcated Strap Design
- Adjustable, Fits Most Sizes
- Hook & Loop Closure
- Button Controlled, 3 Heat Setting
- Diving Fabric
- Built-In Mesh Bag To Place An Ice Pack For Cold Compress Or Moxibustion In A Moxa Bag
- Easy To Use & Carry
- USB Operated
- Can Be Used For Knee, Calf, Thigh, and Arm, Relieve Muscle Soreness & Cramps

- Colour: Black
- On/Off button

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