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Car Ding DIY Repair Kit

Car Ding DIY Repair Kit

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Developed and utilized by professional auto-body experts.
Unique patent-pending arched bridge design eliminates the chance for additional damage. Other systems without our arched bridge design are known to actually add dents to a car!
Patent-pending adhesive system design guarantees dent removal without the messy, sticky residue other systems are known to leave behind.
Repairs dents in almost any place on any vehicle.
Easily removes dents from hail. Car doors, shopping carts and more without damaging the surface of your car


Voltage: 100 ~ 240v
Color :As the picture
Use for: car cover damage
Weight :230g
Size:6*13*2 cm (L* W * H)
Item Diameter: 1 cm

Package Contents: (1 Set Tool)

1 x Glue gun
3 x Glue pad and stem
2 x Glue sticks
1 x Knockdown tool
1 x Pulling bridge and knob
1 x Wing nut
Usage method:

1. clean the damaged surface with mop before repairing.
2. Heat the glue stick in the gun for 5 minutes before usage.
3. Match the glue pad with the size of dent. the larger the pad, the greater is the pulling force.
4. Apply a generous amount of hot glue from the hot melt gun on the selected pad covering the entire surface of the pad. Be sure all the 4 holes are covered.
5. Immediately place pad in the center of dented place until it sticks by itself. Let glue dry approximately 3-5 minutes. The glue will be firm.
6. Place the stem of the pad through the hole in the pulling bridge and screw on the knob. Tighten the knob until the pad pops off.
7. Repeat process until dent is level with surface

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