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Biscuit Maker - Set

Biscuit Maker - Set

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Type: Cookie Machine
Material: Aluminum alloy, ABS plastic

Insert a shaped disc, fill the barrel with room-temperature dough, and tighten the plunger rod.
A squeeze of the trigger.
Save time no more Rolling Pin. Make Spritz Cookies ALL Year. Good Size that Makes Heaps of Delicious Cookies.
Sturdy stainless steel: won't Crack or Rust. Strong Enough for Cheese Straws and Churros.
Application: it can be used as a practical home kitchen appliance for twenty types of biscuits. It also provides four nozzles to make a biscuit machine and make a decorative cake by hand!
As a biscuit machine, each time you press a biscuit, you can do at most 20
Mechanical control, product size, thickness, precise and consistent.
As a decorative tool use, press the front end of the handle button, use the above operating rod, the extrusion is under your control.


What's in the box
1 x Biscuit Maker Shaper Cake Cutter Decorating Set

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