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Pulse Oximeter - LED

Pulse Oximeter - LED

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LED Pulse Oximeter

pulse oximeter is a non-invasive (on the outside of your body) and painless device that measures the oxygen levels in your blood. It can quickly detect even small changes in how efficiently your blood carries oxygen to the extremities of your body, such as your fingers and toes.

It's easy to detect early signs of Corona

With shortness of breath a key symptom of severe Covid-19, many people are buying Pulse Oximeters as early warning devices to track their blood oxygen levels.

It is extremely important to detect early signs of Covid19, and a drop in blood oxygen levels is a clear indication of the status of your health. Every household should own a Finger Clip Oximeter. 



  • Integrated with SPO2 probe and processing display module.
  • Light and compact design
  • Can be used in Hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare etc.
  • Can Measure SPO2 and Pulse Rate accurately
  • SPO2 and Pulse Rate display
  • Battery voltage low indication
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic Power off Function   
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